A theater evening at the Faculty (and Alumni will be there)

On Tuesday, 16th April, one of the Faculty’s lecture halls will turn into a theater stage. After the function titled “Curie_Meitner_Lamarr_UNTEILBAR”, there will be a podium discussion and a networking event. Physik Alumni will be present, and we would be delighted to meet you!

The lives of three notorious female scientists are put in the spotlight in this theater piece from portraittheater. Anita Zieher transforms into Marie Slowodska Curie, Lise Meitner and Hedy Lamarr. Extracts from their lives, successes, and obstacles are interwoven into the play, showing both the content of their research and their passion for what they do. After the play, a roundtable with physicists from the Faculty and alumni working in the industry will be held. The event will finish with a networking event, with drinks and snacks offered by the Students Representatives. Please register for the event here!

Both Dieter Suess and Pedro del Real will be present at the event, with our Alumni stand. Please come by and say hi. We will be given lanyards to alumni, thus facilitating connections among alumni and students. We are excited to share our vision for Physik Alumni and get to know you better. Moreover, we are thrilled to get you ideas for possible events and collaborations.

This unique event would not be possible without the initiative from Brigitte Bischof, who leads Gender Equality & Diversity at the Dean’s Office. Moreover, the Alumniverband and the student representatives (Rote Vektor) have been working very hard to make the play and evening possible. We are honored to be part of such a great and innovative evening at the Faculty.