About us

We are an initiative from the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Physics (U of Vienna) with two main goals:

Keep alumni’s contact with the Faculty active

We want to open the Faculty to our former students! We would like to use different platforms to keep our alumni up-to-date with what is going on at the Faculty, invite them to different activities and networking events, and open communication between them and current students.

Help current students at the Faculty regarding their careers after their degree

We want to assist and guide students on the many challenges and opportunities they will tackle once they obtain their degree in Physics. We want to actively listen to their questions and doubts to create a program that meets their needs. For that, we rely on alumni to come back to the Faculty and share their experiences with current students.

Alumni Team

Dieter Süss

Professor Dieter Süss is the Faculty’s liaison for Alumni. Besides being the head of the Physics of Functional Materials research group, he has found the pioneering sensors company SuessCo. His experience both in academia and the business sector gives him an excellent perspective to bring both worlds togehter.

Pedro del Real Lavergne

Since joining the Nanomagnetism and Magnonics research group in 2019 as an administrative assistant, Pedro has had different roles and projects at the Faculty of Physics. His main passion is science communication, and he is happy to use his skills and motivation to make Physik Alumni a top project in community-building.

Our Partners

Physik Alumni is an initiative aiming at building community. These are some of the organizations without whom we could not do our job!