Getting ready for the job market with Uniport

Is your CV ready to make an impact? Do you have questions about how to succeed in a job interview? Do you want to discover future employers? Or, maybe, do you want to be your own boss? All these questions can be answered at the University of Vienna’s Uniport, the career center of the university.

Uniport at the University of Vienna helps students and alumni with their career development and job search. They offer a wide range of services, many of which can be of interest for students and recent graduates of the Faculty. 

Getting ready for the job market through counseling

Uniport provides individual career counseling sessions to help with career planning and overcoming specific challenges in the job market. This is supplemented by various workshops and webinars that cover topics such as job application strategies, interview preparation, and CV-checks.

Discover your future employer with Uniport

Through its online job portal, Uniport connects students and alumni with potential employers, offering both job and internship listings. This platform also features profiles of different companies, which helps jobseekers learn more about potential employers.

Find your job in person

Uniport hosts various career-related events, including job fairs, company presentations, and networking opportunities. These events are designed to facilitate direct interactions between students and potential employers.

A path to the job market for all

Although many of the services from Uniport are in German, Uniport also provides specialized support to navigate the Austrian job market for third-country nationals, including help with understanding legal requirements for working in Austria. This support extends to personalized coaching and group webinars available in English​.

At Physik Alumni we invite all our students and recent graduates to discover more about the services from Uniport and explore their website. One first step is checking their Bewerbungstipps!

Entering the job market is not easy. This is why, we recommend using any assistance available for this next step in your life. With its multifaceted approach to job seeking, Uniport is a hidden gem among the many services and initiatives offered at the University of Vienna.